Veteran Gets 'Best Birthday Present' With Army Cinema Visit In Germany

A British veteran has been given an 80th birthday present with a difference, with a visit to an Army cinema he last saw six decades ago.

Ken Davies wanted to see his old barracks in Oldenburg, north-west Germany, again, including his favourite haunt, the Globe cinema.

To his astonishment, the Globe cinema is not only still standing 62 years later, but is also now in process of being brought back to life.

"I don't think it has altered at all, everything seems to be the same as it was," Ken said.

"We used to look forward to coming here.

"This was the main place for entertainment."

Ken is the first known soldier to return to the Globe.

He celebrated his 80th birthday with the ultimate trip down memory lane, describing it as the "best birthday present I ever had".

The cinema is also the subject of a book being written by Dr John Goodyear, he said: "It's not every day that you get to find an eye witness, someone who was here at the time."

"Meeting Ken, here on the site, listening to his stories... really makes this liveable and living history."

Globe cinema
The Globe was designed to offer a range of entertainment for troops.

The Globe was part of a huge barracks complex in Oldenburg.

The cinema opened in 1955, only to close three years later when the British left.

For decades, it was largely forgotten but now 700 local residents are trying to restore the Globe to its former glory.

Elisabeth Von Wedel, from the Globe Oldenburg Trust, said: "When we look around, it's just original 50s, this house is so charming.

"We plan to have classical cinema – all those classical films without sound.

"Then we have this idea to present these films without sound but then have live music."

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