Northern Ireland

Veteran Returns Medal To PM To Protest Against Northern Ireland Investigation

Rosie Duffield MP said her constituent asked her to return his service medal to Theresa May after receiving a "very distressing letter".

A Labour MP has told the House of Commons that one of her constituents asked her to return one of his medals to the Prime Minister "personally", after receiving a letter from the Historical Enquiries Team.

Member of Parliament for Canterbury Rosie Duffield said her constituent asked her to return a service medal to Theresa May personally after receiving the "very distressing letter".

She asked Defence Minister Mark Lancaster MP: "Please, can we have every assurance that these investigations, whilst necessary, are carried out in the most sensitive manner?

"Especially for those veterans who are now suffering from dementia and are in their 80s."

Mr Lancaster, the Minister for the Armed Forces replied: "There are, frankly, fewer issues in my 14 years in parliament that I have found the house unify over to such an extent.

"The consultation has recently closed and I can only reassure the House, speaking myself as a serviceman, how keen we are to try to address this issue."

Earlier this year, the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson set up a team to look at proposals to protect veterans from prosecution for historic allegations.

It was after Mr Williamson stated he was "prepared to go to any lengths" to prevent what he described as a "vendetta against former service personnel" who served during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.