The Black Dragonfly carried veteran Chris Fleet and three others across the Atlantic (Image: Turn to Starboard)

Veteran Among Crew To Complete Atlantic Crossing

The team completed more than 4,300 nautical miles in two months.

The Black Dragonfly carried veteran Chris Fleet and three others across the Atlantic (Image: Turn to Starboard)

The yacht that carried veteran Chris Fleet and two others across the Atlantic.

An Army veteran has completed a two-month crossing of the Atlantic Ocean to raise money for a forces charity.

Former serviceman Chris Fleet was part of a crew that has raised £1,100 for Turn To Starboard by making the more than 4,300-nautical mile journey, along with two crew members on a yacht named 'The Black Dragonfly'.

He began the sail from Florida's Key West in the United States and arrived at Brighton in the UK.

Chris said he was inspired to run up a sail by his friend, Jan, who had previously journeyed by boat from his native Norway to Panama.

The two-month journey would have taken far less time, had the crew not been forced to dock in the Bahamas and wait for Hurricane Chris to pass.

Chris and his two crew mates (Image: Turn to Starboard)
The crew completed the Atlantic crossing in two months.

The crew also had to spend a further two weeks in Bermuda as their yacht's generator was repaired.

However, Chris says the positives far outweighed the negatives: "There were many highs, they far outnumbered the lows.

"Anything from our almost daily dolphin visits to our close encounter with an enormous blue whale.

"Of course reaching each port was a huge high for all of us and we had some wild dock parties at every stop meeting some amazing people and making great memories."

Jan from Norway takes control of the tiller (image: Turn to Starboard)
Jan from Norway takes control of the tiller.

Chris says the crew got on well together: "There were only three of us on-board, Jan from Norway, Michael from Canada and myself.

"We all got along like a house on fire, we had a healthy respect for one another and trusted each other’s abilities.

“If I had to choose something that I disliked it would have to be the one leak that soaked my bunk every time we were on a port tack. I named him Larry, he was my nemesis."

Now back in Britain, Chris says he hopes to keep sailing: “I want to cruise the Caribbean island chain at a far more leisurely pace.

"The main thing I would want for any future trip is more time, more time to deal with the unexpected, more time to enjoy the places you end up and more time to ease the weight of deadline from our minds.”