courgette world war two bomb mixup

Vegetable Mix-Up As Giant Courgette Mistaken For World War Two Bomb

Police officers who dealt with the bomb alert near Karlsruhe in Germany confirmed it "really did look very much like a bomb"...

courgette world war two bomb mixup

A worried pensioner alerted police after discovering what he thought was a Second World War bomb in his garden in Germany - though on closer inspection officers found an enormous courgette.

A statement by the police confirmed the uncanny resemblance saying it:

"Really did look very much like a bomb."

The police believe the courgette may have been thrown over the hedge into his garden at his home in Bretton, south-west Germany.

The offending vegetable weighed 5kg and measured 40cm in length.

Luckily no local residents had started being evacuated from the area.

It's not uncommon for unexploded wartime bombs to be found in Germany. They often lead to mass disruption as German authorities are forced to evacuate the surrounding area while the device is defused.

Recently 60,000 people were evacuated from Frankfurt after an unexploded 1.8-ton British bomb was found during construction work.

It remains Germany's largest evacuation since the Second World War.

Cover photo: Polizeipräsidium Karlsruhe