Captain Anneliese Satz the first female US Marine F-35B pilot

US Marines' First Female F-35B Pilot On Her 'Major Keys To Success'

Captain Anneliese Satz is being assigned to her first operational unit based in Japan.

Captain Anneliese Satz the first female US Marine F-35B pilot

Captain Anneliese Satz before a training flight earlier this year (Picture: Sgt Ashley Phillips/US Department of Defense).

The US Marines' first female F-35B pilot has been describing what it is like to fly the fighter jet.

Captain Anneliese Satz has completed four years of training, including 300 flight hours, including making her first flight in the Lightning in October 2018.

Prior to her military career, Capt Satz earned her commercial pilot's licence flying a Robinson R44 Helicopter.

Since then, she has learned to fly the T-6 Texan II and T-45C Goshawk advanced jet training aircraft.

The pilot has since moved on to Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 to train with the F-35B.

"At each of my training schools I did my best,” said Capt Satz.

"I truly believe that showing up prepared and working diligently are two major keys to success."

F-35B on HMS Queen Elizabeth (Picture: MOD).
US F-35B aircraft were the first Lightnings to land on HMS Queen Elizabeth during flight trials last year (Picture: MOD).

Earlier this year, the British F-35B completed its first operational missions, flying alongside Typhoon aircraft over Iraq and Syria in support of Operation Shader.

It followed American Lightning aircraft piloted by British personnel landing on the deck of UK aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first time last year as part of flight trials off the coast of the United States.

Explaining her training in the Lightning, Capt Satz said: "The first flight in an F-35 is by yourself.

"The syllabus thoroughly prepares you for that first time you take off and for every flight after that, it’s an exhilarating experience."

During the training, Capt Satz spent time practising in simulators and completing exams.

She will now be assigned to her first operational unit, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121, the Green Knights in Iwakuni, Japan.