Boeing EA-18G Growlers.

US Navy Pilot Uses Advanced Fighter Jet To Draw Giant Penis In The Sky

A U.S. Navy air crew has been grounded after using their advanced fighter jet to draw a giant image of a penis in the sky.

Boeing EA-18G Growlers.

US Navy officials have called the behaviour of one of their pilots "absolutely unacceptable" when they used their jet contrail to draw a penis in the sky.

The drawing was visible over Okanogan County in the western US state of Washington.

A spokesman for the airbase confirmed that the aircraft involved was one of its Boeing EA-18G Growlers.

Commanders at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island did not see the funny side to the 'stunt' and have ordered an inquiry.

This is not the first time an aircrew has put on a display like this.

An RAF fighter drew a 35-mile penis on radars monitoring skies over Lincolnshire, England, in August.