RAF Lakenheath pilots intercepting Russian planes over the Baltic.

US Jets From RAF Lakenheath End NATO Mission In The Baltics

After 4 months of protecting Baltic airspace, US Air Forces jets from RAF Lakenheath hand over the reins to Danish Air Forces....

RAF Lakenheath pilots intercepting Russian planes over the Baltic.

New footage has been released showing US jets intercepting Russia aircraft over the Baltics.

The jets are from 493rd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron of the 48th Fighter Wing, which is based at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk and was on its four-month stint of NATO's Baltic Air Policing mission.

Flying out of Lithuania, the squadron has been leading NATO’s mission in policing airspace in Eastern Europe.

The squadron flew roughly 300 flight hours and scrambled around 30 times to intercept Russian aircraft.

NATO requires at least two aircraft to be on standby around the clock for the duration of the rotation.

In a press release, RAF Lakenheath stated that:

"Intercepts are a regular occurrence and the pilots conduct them in a safe and professional manner."

This 45th rotation of NATO’s policing mission saw the Squadron's four F-15Cs total roughly 3000 alert hours and carry out over 170 sorties.

In addition to the Baltic Air Policing mission, they completed a further 560 flight hours and 270 training sorties.

Following the completion of their mission, the reins will be handed over to the Royal Dutch Air Force.

This will be Denmark’s sixth time heading up the Baltic Air Policing Mission.

They will be flying their F-16s out of Siauliai Air Base in Lithuania.

The Air Policing mission has been running continuously since April 2004 in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.