US House Votes Against Syria Withdrawal

President Donald Trump's decision to evacuate northern Syria lost an overwhelming vote.


President Donald Trump's decision has sparked international criticism (Library picture: US Department of Defense).

The US House of Representatives has voted overwhelmingly to condemn President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw American forces from northern Syria.

One hundred and twenty-nine Republican members of the House voted with their Democrat colleagues to pass the resolution. The House voted 354-60 to overwhelmingly oppose the evacuation.

The rare bipartisan rebuke comes amid comment from Mr Trump relieving the US of any responsibility in Syria.

"It's not our border. We shouldn't be losing lives over it", he said.

Speaker of the House of Representatives and Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, told reporters that Mr Trump had a "meltdown" during a meeting about Syria. Ms Pelosi walked out of the meeting. 

The US is facing continued criticism for withdrawing its troops from Syria, leaving behind the Kurdish forces they fought alongside against the so-called Islamic State group (IS).

Mr Trump has stated he is "the only person" who can be "scorned for fighting for US troops.

In the absence of American presence, the Kurds have gained the support of President Bashar Assad's Syrian army.

Syrian forces has entered the strategic border town of Kobani, state-run media reported, blocking a path for the Turkish military to establish a "safe zone" - free of Syrian Kurdish fighters they consider terrorists.

The heated meeting between congressional leaders in the US reportedly addressed a letter from Mr Trump to Turkish leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, urging him to "work out a good deal" rather than "slaughtering thousands of people".

The document also detailed further threats to the Turkish economy, if the NATO ally continues its cross-border offensive.