US Confirms New Defence Deal With Poland

The deal comes a week after President Donald Trump announced intentions to reduce American troop numbers in Germany by a third.

The United States and Poland have signed a new defence deal a week after US President Donald Trump announced his intentions to cut troop levels in Germany.

The US currently rotates 4,500 military personnel through Poland, with an agreement signed in September which will eventually a further 1,000 troops to the region.

President Trump said the deal "sends a very strong signal to Russia", as Poland borders Russia and is conscious of Moscow’s growing military capabilities.

Now, Andrzej Duda, Polish President, expects more US boots on the ground and said the country was “entering another stage” with the “possibility of further increase in American troops” in Poland.

The agreement comes after President Trump confirmed his intentions to withdraw more than 9,000 troops from NATO ally Germany last week.

Watch: The moment President Trump announced US withdrawal from "delinquent" Germany.

President Trump said Germany was "delinquent" in its payments to NATO, and intends to slash the 34,500 US troops present in the country by a third.

"They’re spending billions of dollars to buy Russian energy and then we’re supposed to defend them from Russia so, that doesn’t work too well," he said.

“Some will be coming home, and some will be going to other places, but Poland would be one of those other places”.

President Duda said he "requested [President Trump to] not withdraw US Forces from Europe".

"From Europe as such, I’m talking about a united Europe, for which the American presence since the end of the Second World War is a huge security guarantee," he said.

It is still unconfirmed how many additional troops will be sent to Poland, however Warsaw will foot the bill for its expanding American presence.