US B-52 part

US B-52 Bomber Part Falls Into British Garden

A safety investigation has been launched after a wing-tip gear door fell during a "routine training mission".

US B-52 part

The part which fell from a B-52 bomber aircraft (Picture: Shipston Police Safer Neighbourhood Team/Facebook).

A safety investigation is underway after part of a US B-52 bomber fell and landed in a garden in Warwickshire.

The aircraft was flying from RAF Fairford on 23 October when a wing-tip gear door fell during a "routine training mission".

It was discovered by a resident in the village of Brailes.

Police said nobody was harmed as a result of the falling part, which was retrieved by military personnel from 2nd Bomb Wing and Ministry of Defence Police.

A US Air Force spokesperson told Forces News: "A wing-tip gear door from a B-52 Stratofortress fell off during a routine training mission over the area near Brailes, England.

"The part landed in a local national’s garden and was retrieved by 2nd Bomb Wing personnel, in partnership with the UK Ministry of Defense Police.

"Members of the 2nd Bomb Wing are currently deployed to RAF Fairford from Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, as part of the Bomber Task Force.

"A safety investigation is being conducted, as is the standard with these types of events."