US F-16 fighter

US Approves Sale Of Aircraft Spare Parts To Taiwan

The move will ruffle feathers in Beijing, where the United States' continued relationship with Taiwan is resented.

US F-16 fighter

Parts from US F-16 fighter planes will now be used by Taiwan. 

The US State Department has tentatively agreed to sell spare parts for military aircraft to Taiwan.

The $330 million deal will allow Taiwan to refit its F-16 fighter planes but will ruffle feathers in Beijing.

China has long resented the United States’ relationship with Taiwan.

Beijing claims the island as part of mainland China and insists that other countries can only have diplomatic ties with one of the two, not both.

In a statement, the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency said:

“The proposed sale of spare and repair parts is required to maintain the recipient's defensive and transport aerial fleet.

“The recipient has been operating these fleets since 1996 and will have no difficulty absorbing this equipment and support into its armed forces.”