US And Royal Navy Ships Take Part In Mine-Clearing Exercise

USS Gladiator, USS Dextrous, HMS Shoreham and HMS Brocklesby took part in the exercise.

Ships from the Royal Navy and US Navy have taken part in a mine-clearing exercise in the Gulf.

Four ships took part in the training, including the Royal Navy's HMS Shoreham and HMS Brocklesby.

The vessels cleared a mock mine danger zone and practised responding to "fast-moving" surface threats, the Navy said in a statement. 

During the two-day exercise, the Royal Navy's HMS Argyll and HMS Montrose provided protection.

Petty Officer Grant Mallion, HMS Shoreham's minehunting director, said the exercise was an "excellent chance" to show how the two navies can work as a combined task group.

HMS Argyll was one of the two frigates providing protection during the exercise (Picture: Royal Navy).

Both navies have mine warfare vessels deployed to Bahrain to help maintain the safe passage of merchant ships sailing through the Gulf.

The region is responsible for one-sixth of the world's oil and one-third of its liquid natural gas. 

According to the Navy, waters in the region have been "blighted by mines as recently as the Second Gulf War". 

Cover image: The four ships spent two days on the exercise (Picture: Royal Navy).