'Union Jack Will Always Fly Over Gibraltar', Says Chief Minister

Fabian Picardo said the bond between the Rock and the British military "is not going to change in any way".

Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, has said the Union Jack will "always" fly over Gibraltar and that the bond between the overseas territory and the Armed Forces remains as strong as ever.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had asked the EU to give Spain an explicit guarantee that no final Brexit deal would apply to Gibraltar without the consent of Madrid.

Prime Minister Theresa May agreed, but told Parliament: "Our position on sovereignty has not, and will not, change."

"In my view,” Mr Picardo told Forces News, “and in the view of all British citizens, in particular, those of Gibraltar, the Union Jack will always fly over Gibraltar."

The connection between the Rock and the British military, he adds, remains unchanged:

"We’ve just passed an Armed Forces Act in Gibraltar to regulate the presence of Armed Forces in Gibraltar from the United Kingdom," said Mr Picardo.

“The bonds between Gibraltar the British Armed Forces go back all the way to the Liberation in 1704 when the Royal Marines took Gibraltar and that is not going to change in any way.

"The Armed Forces have their home in the Mediterranean in Gibraltar."