Ukrainian mine-sniffing dog Patron becomes a Unicef Goodwill AmbassaDog

Watch: Patron, the Jack Russell terrier, has been awarded the title 'Good Will Dog'.

Patron, the Ukrainian mine-sniffing dog, has become the first-ever United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef)'s Goodwill AmbassaDog.

To mark World Children's Day, Unicef in Ukraine awarded the title 'Good Will Dog' to the Jack Russell terrier who has become an internet sensation.

At a ceremony attended by Patron, his representatives and Unicef signed a Memorandum of Understanding, to promote mine risk education, as well as provide mental health and psychosocial support for children.

Murat Sahin, a Unicef representative in Ukraine, said: "There is not a single child in Ukraine who does not know about Patron, the demining dog.

"Thanks to his 'parents', Patron knows everything about explosive objects and mined fields, and he is constantly involved in demining activities.

"He also knows how to encourage and comfort, with a sense of humour, children and adults during hard times.

"Observing him and communicating with him helps to overcome stress and raise their spirits," he added.

Patron, which is Ukrainian for 'cartridge', is the military mascot of an explosives unit from Chernihiv. 

The dog, who has helped clear hundreds of explosive devices and landmines, took to Twitter to thank his followers for all their support.

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