Memorial Stone Dedicated To Freemasons Awarded Victoria Cross

It is the only stone in the grand Freemasons’ Hall to be carved by a woman.

A memorial stone has been dedicated to Freemasons in England who have been awarded the Victoria Cross.

The Duke of Kent, the United Grand Lodge of England’s Highmaster, unveiled the stone at the Freemasons’ Hall in central London.

More than 200 Freemasons have received the VC.

It took eight months and is the only stone in the building to be carved by a woman.

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Stonemason Emily Draper said: "I carved it all by hand and wanted to do everything very traditionally.

"When I was carving it I was thinking of all the brave things these people have been through.

"It’s a once in a lifetime thing and a real honour - it’s lovely."

Among the guests were military personnel, sea cadets and Chelsea pensioners, some of whom are freemasons. Ray Pearson said:

‘For me, there’s a little line that sums everything up - to live respected and die regretted - and that to me sums it up."

The remembrance stone is another significant milestone in the Freemasons longstanding history.