People move the 17 foot aircraft carrier model in Doncaster.

How Do You Move An Aircraft Carrier By Hand?

A military museum has taken on the challenge of moving a 17-foot model of HMS Implacable into its new home.

People move the 17 foot aircraft carrier model in Doncaster.

A military museum has taken on the challenge of moving a British aircraft carrier completely by hand.

Ashworth Barracks Museum in Doncaster was offered the opportunity to give a 17-foot model of HMS Implacable a new home after its creator died.

Although the model Second World War carrier is considerably lighter than the likes of the 65,000-tonne HMS Queen Elizabeth, and made out of yoghurt pots, old bottles, and staples, moving it into the museum is still a difficult task.

It was built in a Doncaster garage by artist David Hall, who spent his final years designing the model of the ship he once served on.

When Mr Hall passed away, his family were unsure of what to do with the creation and called Ashworth Barracks Museum to offer it as a gift.


It took seven people to move the model from Mr Hall's garage, on to a lorry and then into the museum. 

Guy Stapleton, from Ashworth Barracks Museum, said: "We spent nearly 12 months trying to work out how we were going to get it here.

"The family were very concerned that it would be destroyed if they couldn't find a home for it and so we were determined we would somehow get it here.

"The last ditch attempt was to get it onto social media and we were very lucky a local transport company came forward and said they'd do it for free."

HMS Implacable (Picture: MOD/Crown Copyright).
HMS Implacable was in service during the Second World War (Picture: MOD/Crown Copyright).

"One or two of the drivers are ex-forces and I think they saw the appeal and rang their boss at the same time!" Mr Stapleton continued.

"The grandchildren [of Mr Hall] were quite upset for it to go because obviously, it was in the garage and they used to go in with grandad.

"They were a bit tearful when it left but I think the family were just really pleased it was going to come on display where the public can see it."

Model of HMS Implacable in the museum's foyer.
The model in the museum's foyer.

Mr Stapleton said it was "amazing" to see the model, which is made out of "mostly junk".

Ashworth Barracks Museum now hopes to add aircraft to the flight deck of the Implacable.

"I've just taken a delivery of the correct paints to build a Supermarine Seafire which flew off the Implacable," explained the museum's guide, Guy Aston.

"In time, with aircraft perhaps taking off, it will be a stunning presentation."