Tank in Manchester Street 060219 CREDIT David Ellison.jpg

Armoured Vehicle Parked On Path 'Needs To Be Moved'

The armoured personnel carrier has been reported.

Tank in Manchester Street 060219 CREDIT David Ellison.jpg

The armoured vehicle is parked on Lansdowne Road in Manchester (Picture: David Ellison). 

An armoured vehicle parked on a path for four months "needs to be moved" says a local councillor.

Councillor David Ellison says there have been complaints about the armoured personnel carrier and that he has reported the incident.

Posting on Twitter, Cllr Ellison said: "I’ve reported the tank or armoured personnel carrier that’s been parked on Old Lansdowne Road.

"Residents have complained about it, it’s parked across the pavement and been there for 4 months.

"It needs be moved."

On his Facebook page he promised to "continue to push for it to be removed as it is causing a hazard".

However, not everyone responding to the councillor’s post agreed: 

“If the pot holes in an around west Didsbury wasn’t so bad then he probably wouldn’t need this type of transportation,” one wrote.

“We on Lansdowne [Road] love the tank,’ wrote another.

The tank used to belong to the British Army but is now thought to be owned by a private individual who does not wish to be named.