RAF Regt training Kenyan army in tracking

UK Troops To Help Provide Stability In East Africa

Theresa May has announced British personnel will train with Kenyan forces to help provide stability in east Africa.

RAF Regt training Kenyan army in tracking

Personnel from the RAF Regiment training the Kenyan Army in tracking earlier this year (Picture: MoD).

The Prime Minister has announced British Armed Forces will train with Kenyan forces to help provide stability in east Africa.

The UK will be expanding its counter-IED support as part increased support in the continent.

Training will also be given to Kenyan security forces and other nations which contribute to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

Mentoring by the British Army will continue, while the UK will also provide £2.3 million a year from the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF).

Theresa May has been visiting the Kenyan capital of Nairobi as her three-day trade-mission around Africa draws to a close. 

Britain currently funds around 30% of the training courses that run at the International Peace Support Training Centre in Nairobi, ranging from IED disposal to promoting females in peacekeeping roles.

Forces News found out what role the UK military have in Kenya, when the Defence Secretary visited earlier this summer.

At a joint press conference with Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta, Mrs May said: "This afternoon, we have signed a new compact that will see us expand our joint work on security even further.

"The UK is no longer just training our own military in Kenya, but training with Kenyans to promote stability in east Africa and beyond.

"And to build the continent's capacity to overcome its own challenges and to deliver its own security."

The Prime Minister visited a minefield training area, called the Mine/Uxos Demo Theatre, to watch a demonstration of how an improvised explosive device is disarmed.

During her visit to the Humanitarian Peace Support School, the PM looked on as a soldier lying on his front moved sand away to find the test device.

Mrs May later met British troops who help train Kenyan soldiers.

Theresa May eating lunch with British soldiers in Kenya 300818
Theresa May joined British soldiers for lunch in Nairobi (Image: PA).

Mrs May earlier said: "This is a partnership for opportunity but it's also a partnership for our shared security and stability.

"Today we discussed the work we are doing together to make both of our countries and the world more secure."

Soldiers On Exercise Askari Storm In Kenya
British soldiers on Exercise Askari Storm in Kenya (Picture: MoD).

Yesterday, Mrs May signed a deal in Nigeria to provide cash and a training package, designed to boost efforts to target Islamist extremists in West Africa.

The deal included training to counter improvised explosive devices, £13 million to educate 100,000 children living in areas of conflict, developing the Nigerian government's procedures to respond to terror attacks.

The UK will also train Nigerian army units before deployment.