Welsh Guards in Afghanistan

UK Troops Deploy To Afghanistan To Join NATO Mission

The soldiers are part of a 440-troop commitment the Prime Minister made to NATO’s capacity building mission in Afghanistan in July.

Welsh Guards in Afghanistan

An extra 440 British soldiers were committed to the NATO mission in Afghanistan in July (Image: Crown Copyright).

Two hundred UK troops have arrived in Afghanistan to join a NATO mission in the country.

Personnel from the Welsh Guards arrived last week, while the Defence Secretary has been in the country for a three-day visit.

It comes as the Government confirmed Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan are communicating with cells in the UK and western Europe.

The Welsh Guards deployment is the first group of the additional 440 troops the Prime Minister committed to NATO’s capacity building mission in Afghanistan at the NATO Summit in July.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson with UK troops in Afghanistan

The extra troops are bolstering the UK-led Kabul Security Force (KSF), which provides protection for NATO civilian staff engaged in capacity-building programmes in Afghanistan, as well as mentoring Afghan forces in the capital.

The uplift in soldiers will make the UK the third largest contributor to the country with around 1,100 personnel.

Gavin Williamson said: "We remain absolutely committed to building an Afghanistan that is a strong security partner for decades to come.

"A secure and stable Afghanistan helps keep the streets of the UK safe.

“The uplift of UK personnel not only underlines of commitment to Afghanistan and regional security, but also to the Alliance that has been the cornerstone of our defence for 70 years."

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