UK Team For Sydney Invictus Games Revealed

The team who will represent the UK at the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 has been revealed. ..

The team who will represent the UK at the Invictus Games in Sydney has been revealed.

A total of 72 wounded, injured and sick veterans and service personnel will head to Australia this October to compete across a variety of disciplines.

In numbers, it’s the smallest team the UK delegation has sent to the Invictus Games even though more hopefuls than ever before – 451 – applied to be part of the team.

The rigorous selection process for Team UK was based on the benefit the Invictus Games will give an individual as part of their recovery, combined with performance and commitment to training.

    Almost two-thirds of this team are new to the Invictus Games and they all came together for the first time this morning at Horse Guards Parade.

    They were joined by Prime Minister Theresa May who posed with the athletes for the first official team photograph and wished them luck for the Games in October.

    The team will compete in 11 sports: athletics; archery; wheelchair basketball; cycling; powerlifting; indoor rowing; wheelchair rugby; swimming, sitting volleyball, wheelchair tennis and a new sport for 2018, sailing.

    Mark 'Dot' Perkins, Captain of the UK Team. Credit: Help for Heroes

    The 2018 UK Team Captain was also named today as Mark “Dot” Perkins, who takes over the mantel from 2017 Captain, Bernie Broad.

    Former Royal Signals Corporal Dot was discharged in 2005 and now works as a civil servant rehabilitating injured soldiers.

    Dot, who will compete in cycling and rowing, said: “There are few moments in one's life when an event occurs that truly transforms your life, the Invictus Games is it.

    "They are all about empowerment, they empower us all to fight the chains of physical disability, to fight the intangible burden of mental illness and they empower us to focus on being the best we can be despite the scars that we all now wear.

    “Whilst participating in the games our scars are like medals that we can proudly display rather than hide in shame or embarrassment.

    "Invictus allows us to be judged on what we can achieve, rather than what we can’t."

    "To simply be selected for Team UK was an amazing achievement. To then be further selected as the captain and to represent these incredibly brave men and women is extremely humbling, it is a huge privilege to be given this honour.”

    The Team also met Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, this morning. 

    He said: “I am delighted that competitors have been chosen to represent the UK at the next Invictus Games and look forward to following their journey from training camps to Sydney.

    "The Invictus Games serve as a powerful reminder of the ability of sport to inspire and support the recovery of wounded and injured troops and veterans.”

    Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Attend Invictus Games Trials
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Invictus Games trials (Picture: PA).

    The full squad for Team UK is: 

    • Naomi Adie - Athletics
    • Karl Allen-Dobson - Cycling
    • David Atkin - Cycling, powerlifting and rowing
    • Daniel Bingley - Athletics, sailing. sitting volleyball, swimming, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby
    • Spencer Bull - Athletics, cycling, sailing and swimming
    • Terrysa Bulman - Sailing
    • Andy Carlton - Athletics and swimming
    • Jennifer Collins - Archery and rowing
    • Alex Dewar - Swimming
    • Joe Dillnut - Archery, athletics and swimming
    • Peter Dunning - Athletics and wheelchair rugby
    • Karen Fisk - Athletics and swimming
    • Richard Gamble - Swimming
    • Kelly Ganfield - Athletics and rowing
    • Phillip Gillespie - Archery and rowing
    • Lavinia Goddard - Powerlifting and sailing
    • Deborah Godfrey - Archery and sailing
    • Michael Goody - Cycling and swimming
    • Paul Guest - Archery, athletics, cycling and powerlifting
    • Murray Hambro - Athletics, rowing and swimming
    • Wayne Harrod - Cycling and sailing
    • Ryan Hewitt - Wheelchair basketball
    • John Hill - Powerlifting and rowing 
    • Karl Hinet - Athletics
    • Paul Inman - Cycling and powerlifting
    • Abbie Kasparis - Athletics, powerlifting and rowing
    • Laura Knowles - Powerlifting and rowing
    • Kushal Limbu - Athletics and wheelchair basketball
    • Daniel Majid - Athletics, rowing and sailing
    • Nick Martin - Cycling
    • Michael Matthews - Cycling and wheelchair rugby 
    • Lee Matthews - Powerlifting and wheelchair basketball
    • Alexandra McClellan - Athletics, cycling and rowing
    • Emma McCormick - Athletics, powerlifting and sailing
    • Edward McMahon - Athletics and powerlifting
    • Scott Mcneice - Archery, athletics, cycling, sitting volleyball (reserve) and wheelchair rugby 
    • Michael Mellon - Sitting volleyball, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby
    • Jonathan Mitchell - Powerlifting
    • Pa Modou Njie - Rowing and sitting volleyball
    • Alex Moulder - Athletics, cycling and swimming
    • Debbie O’Connell - Athletics and cycling
    • Mark Ormrod - Athletics, rowing and swimming
    • Poppy Pawsey - Archery, sailing and swimming
    • Mark Perkins - Cycling and rowing
    • Daniel Phillips - Archery, cycling, powerlifting and rowing
    • Richard Pullen - Wheelchair basketball
    • Netra Rana - Sitting volleyball
    • Daniel Richards - Cycling
    • Sarah Robinson - Athletics, cycling and swimming
    • Jeff Robinson - Wheelchair rugby
    • James Rose - Sitting volleyball and wheelchair basketball
    • Malcolm Rose - Athletics and cycling
    • Steve Sebburn - Athletics and cycling
    • Daniel Shanahan - Archery and sitting volleyball (reserve)
    • John Shepard - Athletics, rowing and sailing
    • Clive Smith - Wheelchair rugby
    • Michael Swain - Cycling
    • Matthew Tate - Powerlifting
    • Alex Tate - Athletics
    • Andrew Taylor - Archery, athletics, powerlifting and sailing
    • Aveuta Tuila - Sitting volleyball
    • Michelle Turner - Rowing and swimming
    • Paul Twitchell - Sitting volleyball and swimming
    • Martin Tye - Athletics, powerlifting and wheelchair rugby
    • Jaco van Biljon - Powerlifting, rowing and swimming
    • Dave Watson - Archery, athletics and rowing
    • David Watts - Archery and swimming
    • Andrew White - Cycling
    • Alan White - Athletics, cycling, sitting volleyball (reserve) and swimming
    • Rachel Williamson - Rowing and swimming
    • Jennifer Yarwood - Athletics, cycling, powerlifting, sailing and swimming
    • Darren Young - Athletics, rowing and sitting volleyball