UK receives 14th F-35

UK Takes Delivery Of 14th F-35

The UK has taken delivery of its 14th F-35B Lightning II...

UK receives 14th F-35

The UK has taken delivery of its 14th F-35B Lightning II.

The new jet has now flown into Beaufort, South Carolina.

UK receives 14th F-35

The jet, operated by both the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy, will be capable of operating on the brand-new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers and from land.

There are currently 200 British personnel based at Beaufort, where they are tasked with testing the aircraft and getting them ready to arrive in the UK.

UK receives 14th F-35

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

 "This Christmas delivery is the 14th jet to join our fleet of fifth-generation F-35 fighters over in the US."

"The carriers have taken centre-stage this year, and next year we look towards these aircraft joining us in Britain and taking off from HMS Queen Elizabeth's enormous deck to undertake first-of-class flight trials.

"With our famous Royal Air Force coming into its 100th anniversary, the F-35 keeps us right at the cutting-edge of combat air power."

UK receives 14th F-35

Meanwhile, Peter Ruddock, Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin UK said:

"There are more than 500 UK companies in our supply chain who play a vital role in producing every F-35 and we are proud to have delivered the UK's 14th aircraft on schedule.

"More than 260 F-35s are now flying from 14 bases around the world and we look forward to supporting the UK’s Lightning Force."

The F-35 programme is on schedule to achieve initial operating capability from land next year, with initial operating capability carrier strike in 2020.

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