UK Launches More Airstrikes Against IS In Iraq

The RAF is flying missions against so-called Islamic State as part of Operation Shader.

The UK Armed Forces have been conducting further airstrikes in Iraq against so-called Islamic State.

On Thursday 11 February, two Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR4s conducted strikes against terrorists who had been identified occupying two dispersed encampments on the banks of Lake Tharthar, west of the city of Bayji.

The RAF conducted the strikes with Paveway IV guided bombs.

The Ministry of Defence said surveillance of the site confirmed the mission was successful, striking a series of intended targets within the encampments.

Barring the effect of the coronavirus pandemic the UK has been able to continue to support the Iraqi security forces to prevent any significant resurgence of the terrorist group in their country.

The latest UK airstrikes follow recent attacks against IS fighters in northern Iraq.

Operation Inherent Resolve, launched in 2014, is the name of the US-led mission to defeat IS in Iraq and Syria.

Operation Shader is the operational code name used for the UK contribution to the effort.  

Cover image: A Royal Air Force over Europe last year (Picture: MOD).