Semi anon 7 SCOTS reservists during training at Barry Buddon

British Defence On Coronavirus 'Key Workers' List As Schools Close

The Government is preventing children from attending school unless their parents carry out vital roles.

Semi anon 7 SCOTS reservists during training at Barry Buddon

Military personnel, Ministry of Defence (MOD) civilian staff and contractors "critical" to defence and security are among those who have been listed as 'key workers' - those whose children can continue to attend school as gates close across the country.

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has led to the closures, which start today. 

The Department of Education has published a list of 'key workers', whose children will be prioritised for education provision if unable to be cared for at home.

This includes Armed Forces personnel, MOD civilian staff and contractors and other security roles overseas.

Police, fire and rescue, National Crime Agency, border security, prison and probation staff are also on the list.

Also included are "frontline health and social care staff" and those involved in the medicine and care equipment supply chains.

The MOD has already offered support to the National Health Service (NHS).

It comes as 20,000 troops were placed on higher readiness - the new 'COVID Support Force' ready to assist public services and civilian authorities.

The Government is advising that children should still remain at home wherever possible and not rely on childcare from grandparents and friends.

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