Personnel on HMS Dragon (Picture: Royal Navy).
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Type 83 destroyer: What we know so far

Personnel on HMS Dragon (Picture: Royal Navy).

Since the release of the Defence Command Paper earlier this year, the brief mention of a new British destroyer has prompted questions from the military community and enthusiasts.

The Type 83 has been listed as part of a UK shipbuilding overhaul and, according to the document, could begin to phase out the current Type 45s in the late 2030s.

Few details have been disclosed on the capability of the warship, although the Royal Navy has benefited from anti-air specialisation from the Type 45 since the first Daring-class destroyer was commissioned in 2009.

Minister for Defence Procurement Jeremy Quin this month has offered further information about when the concept and assessment phase for the Type 83 destroyer would formally begin.

"On current plans, Navy Command intends to formally commence the concept phase for Type 83 in early 2022 with the assessment phase to follow in due course," he said.

In March, Mr Quin had previously anticipated the initial timeframe for the Type 83 programme to "begin in the next few years with the assessment phases following".

The ability to eliminate airborne threats has earned the Type 45s a place in the UK Carrier Strike Group formation, escorting HMS Queen Elizabeth.

BAE Systems has encouraged the Royal Navy to engage with industry as early as possible regarding the Type 83 and the Type 32 vessels forming part of the UK's future plans.

The company says technology intended for the new designs could be demonstrated on the current fleet, while work towards a "net-zero fleet" could bring the Navy in line with climate initiatives.

A "digital thread from design through to production" was also regarded as best practice in the development of the ships.

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