Two Queens: Lethal vs Luxury

We compare the über luxe Queen Elizabeth Cruise liner with her deadly naval counterpart HMS Lizzie- but which would you choose?

Ahead of her arrival into Portsmouth, Royal Navy ship HMS Queen Elizabeth saluted luxury cruise liner the Queen Elizabeth on the water, so we wondered how do the two giants compare and which would you rather travel on?  

How Big Are They?

HMS Queen Elizabeth is, alongside the second vessel in the class, the HMS Prince of Wales, the largest warship ever constructed for the British Navy.

At 280 meters in length, 70m in width and 56m in height, this mammoth ship weighs in at a whopping 65,000 tons. That's more than the weight of 10,000 African elephants!

Even so, the luxury liner beats the Naval warship on this front- with 12 decks, the 293-meter-long cruise ship weighs nearly 100,000 tonnes- 90,901 to be exact.

How Much Did They Cost?

With stats like that, it’s no wonder that the Navy’s crown jewel came at a cost.

The project was expected to cost around £3.5billion, but it was later announced that the figure would almost double, ending at £6.2billion.

The Queen Elizabeth cruise liner might almost seem cheap in comparison, owned by Carnival Corporation and PLC, the liner comes in at a mere £350 million, despite its luxury design.

Who’s On Board?

Whilst the HMS Queen Elizabeth is capable of transporting up to 700 crew at any one time, this number could theoretically be doubled depending on the number of planes onboard.

Each carrier of this size can, however, hold 36 planes and four helicopters.

In comparison, the luxury cruise liner the Queen Elizabeth can hold between 2077 – 2503 passengers and up to 900 crew, but unfortunately no planes or helicopters.

QE Liner

What Do They Eat?

In accordance with military guidelines, personnel serving on operations and exercises get a minimum of 4,000 calories a day, the recommended daily allowance for those undertaking strenuous activities.

A typical meal on board the ship might consist of chicken curry, a Cornish pasty and a chocolate sauce covered chocolate cake.

It is not bad, but not exactly gourmet. 

Unsurprisingly, the QE comes out on top on the food front.

Passengers have a choice of 11 restaurants and cafés, with offerings including roast breast of grouse, lobster newberg with truffle scented rice, and white chocolate soufflé.

Grand Lobby

How Are They Entertained?

With gyms, internet, plenty of social areas and of course the satellite TV provided by BFBS, there’s plenty to do on board a typical naval ship.

And the fun doesn’t stop when the ship comes to port.

This is usually taken as an opportunity to play more traditional sports like football, rugby, netball, often as a way to bond with other navies and locals in the area. 

The Queen Elizabeth liner certainly isn’t short of entertainment.

There’s luxury shops, dance classes, spas, music and even a full-size theatre!

But we highly doubt that there’d be the same team spirit and camaraderie found on this floating hotel as on one of our finest Royal Navy vessels. 

Women's rugby - UK military