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Trump Looking 'Forward To Meeting' Kim Jong Un Again

Talks between the US and North Korea over denuclearisation have stalled in recent months.

President Trump and Kim Jong Un Picture PA.jpg

President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un met in Singapore in June 2018 (Picture: PA). 

Donald Trump says he is looking "forward to meeting" with Kim Jong Un after the North Korean leader said he was ready to meet the US President.

In his New Year’s message, Mr Kim said he was ready to meet Trump at any time to produce an outcome that would be "welcomed by the international community".

Kim and Trump met at a summit on 12th June in Singapore last year and agreed North Korea would work towards denuclearisation.

At the time Kim said the "the world will see a major change" and Trump said the summit went "better than anybody could imagine".

Kim requested a second summit in September but officials in Washington and Pyongyang are still in talks over the details of such a meeting. 

Advisers from the two nations joined President Trump and Mr Kim Picture PA.jpg
Officials joined the two leaders for the meeting last year (Picture: PA).

Now Kim Jong Un has said that North Korea would change its policy if the United States "continues to break its promises and misjudges the patience of our people by unilaterally demanding certain things and pushes ahead with sanctions and pressure".

He added: "It is the unwavering position of our party and the republic's government and my firm will that the two countries as declared in the June 12 joint statement... take steps to establish a permanent and stable peace regime and push toward the complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

"Therefore, we have already declared domestically and internationally and took various actions showing our commitment that we will no further create or test nuclear weapons and will not use or spread them."

Recently nuclear talks between Washington and Pyongyang have stalled as the two sides struggle with the sequencing of North Korea's disarmament and the removal of US-led sanctions against the North.