Donald Trump

President Trump Downplays North Korean 'Small Weapons' Tests

He dismissed the "small weapons" tests but admitted 'some of his people were disturbed'.

Donald Trump

President Trump tweeted during his trip to Japan on a four-day state visit (Picture: PA).  

US President Donald Trump has downplayed recent North Korean missile tests, in an apparent contradiction of his national security adviser.

In a tweet, President Trump dismissed the "small weapons" tests but admitted "some" of "his people" were "disturbed".

'Some" of his people' appear to include national security adviser John Bolton, who said there was "no doubt" the missiles fired earlier this month had violated UN Security Council resolutions.

But President Trump, who is on a four-day state visit to Japan, ignored a shouted question about whether he agreed with Mr Bolton.

In the tweet, President Trump also said he had "confidence that Chairman Kim will keep his promise to me".

Talks between the two leaders in Hanoi broke down in February.

Washington blamed the failed talks on the North's demand for sanctions relief in exchange for partially surrendering its nuclear weapons.

North Korea's official media said negotiations would not resume until the US abandons what they describe as unilateral disarmament demands.