Donald Trump at podium in India with US flags behind him

Trump Agrees Multi-Billion Dollar Military Deal In India

India has signed a deal to purchase more than three billion US dollars (£2.3 billion) of advanced military equipment.

Donald Trump at podium in India with US flags behind him

US President Donald Trump has announced India will purchase more than $3 billion (£2.3 billion) of advanced military equipment, following bilateral talks with the country's Prime Minister.

Calling his trip to India "unforgettable", "extraordinary" and an expression of "love", Mr Trump added that the nation has now signed a deal including helicopters, alongside progress toward a "comprehensive trade deal".

In the joint-statement, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said productive talks will continue to address defence cooperation, energy and technology.

He added that the two leaders Trump have now met five times over the past eight months as part of the "most important partnership of the 21st century".

The US and India had been at loggerheads on trade and defence before the visit, which saw Mr Trump and First Lady Melania visit a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi during a wreath-laying ceremony.

The two countries had disagreed over future trade and security co-operation, though there had been reports that the Indian Navy could purchase military aircraft from US defence firm Lockheed Martin.

Upon President Trump's arrival, crowds gathered in the streets of Ahmedabad, with a reception in a 110,000-seat cricket stadium.

A trade deal between the US and India would mark a coming together of historic and emerging world superpowers.

Since the start on the 21st century, the size of the Indian economy has grown over six times in size.

Cover image: PA.