Troops Give Civilians Insight Into Bomb Disposal Work

33 Engineer Regiment Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search has opened its doors to the public.

Few jobs carry greater risk in the Armed Forces than bomb disposal.

It is a job that few members of the public know much about but 33 Engineer Regiment Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search are hoping to change that.

The regiment opened its doors to the public and affiliated organisations.

Taking part on the day was Mark Winstone: "[It] really makes you realise what these guys go through.

"Learning where the terrorists plant their bombs, you really have to have eyes in the back of your head."

33 Engineer Regiment Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search

Based at Carver Barracks in Wimbish, Essex, the regiment specialise in explosive ordnance disposal and search capabilities.

They provide bomb disposal and search skills to high-readiness Parachute Regiment soldiers and Royal Marine Commandos overseas.

On the open day, 33 Engineer Regiment provided the group with a rare insight into their world.

Jonathan Crowther said:

"We've seen the equipment that they are using and we got to use some explosives. Wow, what a day!"

dragon runner robots

There was also an introduction to dragon runner robots.

The technology is considered a valuable piece of kit because it is easy to use.

The machine has a tool to allow items to be picked up and wires to be cut and four cameras – one at the front, the back, one on the gripper and another than can pan 360 degrees

"It weighs about 35lbs in total, so it makes it man-portable," Lance Corporal Davis told Forces News.

The big advantage to using the machine is that it allows the EOD team to keep a safe distance from dangerous situations:

"One of the primary reasons we use the [dragon runners], it allows us to send it down while we keep the EOD team at a safe distance.

"It negates the risk to personnel."