Troops Deployed To Mali Hold Half Marathon For Forces Charity

The money raised from the event will be donated to a German wounded soldier charity.

British troops deployed to Mali have held a half marathon for a German wounded soldier charity, following a series of injuries they sustained earlier this year.

In a tweet, Lieutenant Colonel Will Meddings, the Commander of the UK’s Long Range Reconnaissance Group in Mali and 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, outlined the event.

"Today we hosted a multi-national half-marathon at Camp Castor, here in #Mali. Obviously a 0530 dawn start to avoid the 50° heat!

"Since we missed the Parachute Regiment 10k, Tac ran the course with day sacks and GPMGs."

In another tweet, he said: "A dawn start to miss the heat, but there are some sore-legged soldiers today!"

Mali in west Africa is one of the world's poorest and most unstable countries, struggling with poverty, climate change and extremism.

A coup in 2020 saw the overthrow of its president and prime minister amid allegations of widespread corruption.

British troops were deployed to the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali due to concerns that the country could become a breeding ground for terror that was capable of reaching western Europe.

It also came after the end of UK peacekeeping in South Sudan in 2020.

Last December, British troops joined MINUSMA - the Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali, which was established in 2013 and is 18,000-strong.

About 250 personnel, mostly from the Light Dragoons and 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, are supporting MINUSMA, with the UK's contribution named Operation Newcombe.

Deployed to Gao in the east of Mali, the British task group offers long-range reconnaissance expertise to the 60-nation mission, while a further 50 personnel, including administrators and logisticians, form part of a national support element.

Cover image: Troops deployed to Mali on the half-marathon (Picture: Lt Col Will Meddings/Twitter).