Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, based in Cyprus, have been practising their ability to fight at night.

Exercise Night Tiger involved more than 50 troops and culminated with a predawn attack.

Soldiers from 10 Platoon launched the enemy raid, while the men of 9 Platoon played the part of defenders. 

Exercise Night Tiger Cyprus
Troops from 10 Platoon launched the predawn attack

Buildings in the abandoned village of Paramali were infiltrated by the enemy and needed to be cleared.

Corporal Gavin Prescott, did this sort of clearance in Afghanistan and passed on his experience to the next generation of soldiers:

"So when they do this for real, they'll have the right mindset, so they know exactly what's going on and what they are doing." 

Ex Night Tiger Clearing Buildings
Troops fight house to house

For 2PWRR their time in Cyprus is drawing to a close and after three years in the sun, they are returning to Cottesmore this summer where they will re-role to a Light Mechanised Infantry Battalion.