A month into the journey from civilian to marine, Marine recruit Chelsea Villela is still firmly focused on exactly why she's here and what drives her.

It's clear that having both goals and drive is important on this journey, as there are challenging aspects for each individual at the boot camp.

But despite that, four weeks into the process, recruit Chelsea is starting to feel settled, after having to re-learn even the most basic things... such as standing.

The recruits can write to their friends and family, but apart from that, there is no communication permitted.

Now all combat roles are open to women in the United States, these female recruits will be able to choose any direction they wish for their forces career.

Unfazed by the fact that the profession is male-dominated, Chelsie already knows she will be joining the infantry after completing boot camp.

And yet, at four weeks in, with nine left to go until graduating, there's a long road ahead for the recruits. 

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