During the Second World War an island measuring just 6km by 2km became one of the most bombed areas in history.
American and Filipino forces on Corregidor, situated at the entrance to Manila Bay in the Philippines, were pounded into submission in 1942 by the Imperial Japanese Army.
In 1945 the Americans returned, determined to make amends for the grisly fate that had befallen 11,000 comrades at the hands of the enemy forces. 
The battle to take back Corregidor was more than a military objective. Recapturing the 'Rock' was deeply symbolic for the United States.
Over 10 days in February 1945 US Forces launched a brutal, all-out offensive.
Of the 6,700 Japanese troops on the island when the battle began just 50 were left alive at the end. Thousands died in aerial bombings and land assaults, hundreds more were burnt alive, while countless others chose to commit suicide rather than be captured.
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