Take A Tour Of A WWII Spitfire

As Britain remembers the Battle of Britain's "Hardest Day", this was the moment Forces TV was given a full tour of a Second World War Spitfire on its 75th anniversary.
The historic aircraft took part in the commemorations in 2015, piloted by RAF Flight Lieutenant Charlie Brown - just click above for his full tour.
Built in late 1941, and delivered early the next year to RAF Wood Vale in Lancashire, the plane was used by Polish fighter pilots during the conflict.
Unlike modern-day aircraft, everything on the Spitfire was manually-controlled.
The plane was known for its ease of handling while flying - but take-off and landing were trickier.
It was also at a disadvantage to the German Messerschmitt Bf 109s, which carried cannons - the Spitfire only had machine guns.
Cover photo courtesy of Bryan Fury via Wikimedia Commons.

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