The Pentagon has accused Iran of trying to provoke a confrontation in the Persian Gulf after a number of close encounters between the US Navy and Iranian patrol boats. 
This was just one of a number of incidents in the Gulf area this week.
In another, a US Navy vessel resorted to firing warning shots at an Iranian craft after their flares failed to work. 
The Iranian vessels came as close as 200 yards from the USS Tempest and Squall creating a dangerous situation that could have led to further escalation – that’s according to a U.S. defence official.
This video shows the first, the USS Nitze was operating with the guided-missile destroyer USS Mason in the Persian Gulf when Iranian patrol vessels approached without warning. 
Flares were fired at the boats but attempts to communicate were ignored.
These are just the latest in a series of encounters in these waters.
Back in January 10 US sailors aboard two patrol craft were detained when they inadvertently entered Iranian territorial waters. They were released the following day.
Others incidents include Iranian rocket launches, as well as drones flying over US vessels.
These events all pointing to possible escalation in the region.
The US has accused Iran of trying to provoke a confrontation, with officials saying the incidents created a dangerous situation that could have led to further escalation.
The incidents follow renewed diplomatic contacts between Tehran and Washington in the last year which are thought to have caused a backlash among Iranian hardliners.