Eight former British Army soldiers are preparing to travel to Syria to fight alongside Kurdish militias against Islamic State, according to the Evening Standard.
The former soldiers, a number of whom are believed to have had Special Forces training, are said to be training to fight as a single unit on the front line in northern Syria.
Images on social media, meanwhile, show members of the group wearing combat fatigues and holding assault rifles.
The men told the Standard that their group is called IVFOR (International Volunteer Force), and that they have created a sword symbol to represent it.
One veteran reportedly told the paper: 
"We will deploy a strong force to aid the Kurdish militias.. We intend to be a serious asset.”
Another, meanwhile, is quoted as saying:
"We are all experts with small arms and are combat medic trained , most have recent hostile environment experience and all desire to defeat ISIS for one common purpose “Freedom and democracy.“
Earlier this month a former Royal Marine became the first Briton to die whilst fighing IS.
The Home Office warns UK citizens that taking part in a conflict overseas, no matter what side the person is on, could be an offence under both criminal and terror laws.
Last week, meanwhile, the Foreign Secretary warned former British servicemen who go Iraq and Syria to fight against Islamist militants that they could face prosecution.
Paula Middlehurst spoke to Robert Fox, defence editor of the Standard, and asked him for more details on the story.