RAF Targets IS With Laser-Guided Bombs
Royal Air Force aircraft have continued offensive operations against the Daesh terrorist network inside Syria and Iraq.
Overnight two Tornado GR4s flew an armed reconnaissance patrol over eastern Syria, gathering intelligence on terrorist activity. 
A second pair of GR4s patrolled over western Iraq, where they provided close air support to Iraqi forces engaged in combat with Daesh in and around Ramadi. 
A terrorist sniper team opened fire from a compound on Iraqi troops, but was silenced by a direct hit from a Paveway IV guided bomb.
The RAF Tornado and Reaper aircraft that have been conducting air strikes against Daesh have now been reinforced by a detachment of Typhoon fighters, which carry the same Paveway IV precision guided bombs as the Tornados. 
The deployment of the Typhoons plus an extra two Tornados offers a significant increase in strike capacity for the RAF in their contribution to the coalition air campaign.