The RAF and Royal Navy have come to the rescue of cruise passengers trapped aboard a blazing ship off the Falkland Islands. 
The French cruise liner Le Boreal, with 347 passengers on board, issued a Mayday call after suffering a major engine fire. 
The RAF responded and “emptied the locker of all assets” for the rescue effort, according to the Commander of the British Forces in the Falklands, Commodore Darren Bone.  
A C-130 Hercules took a lead role in the rescue, while six helicopters were used to winch passengers from the burning cruise liner.
HMS Clyde and two tugs, meanwhile, collected people who had been evacuated into the sea on lifeboats, whilst a Voyager aircraft was used to refuel the Hercules.
This allowed it to extend its hours of flight, to ensure everyone on board the ship was taken to safety. 
The ordeal lasted five hours but all 347 passengers on board, including five Brits, were taken to the Mount Pleasant complex, where they were given medical attention, food and clothing. 
Speaking to Forces TV, Commodore Darren Bone said: “It showed the totality of the joint capability that we have in the Falklands, and the speed of response”.