How A Veteran Is Teaching The Next Generation About The Military

The former Mobile Military Museum has celebrated a year since its opening...

A museum founded by a former soldier in Scotland has celebrated a year since its opening.

Ian Inglis has been touring the country for four years with his mobile military museum, until, in 2017, he found the perfect permanent home.

Since then, Military Museum Scotland has been exhibiting thousands of items from the First World War to more recent conflicts.

Mr Inglis said that, before settling down, educators would always ask where they could find him:

"That was what gave me the idea for setting up the Military Museum Scotland.

"The collection was there, just not the premises!"

Primary school pupils getting a tour of the purpose-built replica trench at the Military Museum Scotland

His main objective is to teach the next generation about the history of the armed forces.

"I am quite interested in the war, and I thought I'd be good to come to different museums just to get more information," said Jed, one of the pupils at Meldrum Primary.

"It was good because it wasn't just World War One, but it was also World War Two, which I enjoyed."

Unlike many other museums, Military Museum Scotland offers a unique hands-on experience.

Visitors are encouraged to interact with the artefacts in order to understand how they work.

Mr Inglis created all the display boards and the uniforms, weapons and photographs come from a variety of sources – car boot sales, online auction sites and donations.