101-year-old poppy seller Walter 'Wally' Randall

Meet Wally: Britain's Oldest Poppy Seller

Meet Walter 'Wally' Randall, Britain's oldest poppy seller.

101-year-old poppy seller Walter 'Wally' Randall

Meet Walter 'Wally' Randall, Britain's oldest poppy seller. Born in 1915 Mr Randall, who served himself in the service corps during World War Two, has been selling poppies for the Royal British Legion in Bedfordshire since the early 1950s.

His father Daniel died when Wally was just three years old - a gunner for the Royal Field Artillery he was tragically killed on the penultimate day of the First World War.

Speaking of his own war record Wally said: "In 1942 I was kitted out to go to the Far East but then Singapore fell to the Japanese. I was then sent to North Africa and the Nazis drove us back into Egypt."

"I was a motor mechanic and was sent to the front line when we started pushing enemy troops back at El Alamein. I was with a platoon of ten lorries that took the Fourth Indian Division up to the front line - mine was a breakdown lorry." 
By 1945 he was in Italy although then sent to Vienna when hostilities ended and not demobbed until 1946.
Returning to Bedfordshire and his family he worked for Vauxhall for four decades before retiring 37 years ago.
Sadly his wife of 70 years, Margaret, passed away 6 years ago after suffering from dementia, nursed at home until the end by her husband.
Still a keen gardener and now something of a local celebrity Wally can be found selling poppies on Leighton Buzzard High Street.