The USAF has released video footage of seven F35A jets training to pass their Initial Operational Capability tests.
The first F35A jets are expected to become operational by the end of 2016.
The F35 initially appeared in 2006, but has had some issues which were found at Edwards Air Force Base in California, where the 31st Test Evaluation Squadron tries out new aircraft.
Major Luke Harris, an F-35A Instructor Pilot, had this to say about the issue: 
"There's been some other talk in the news just about the computer system. Edwards ran into some kinks, as would be expected from a test squadron, so they had some issues in getting all the test bugs worked out".
The F-35 has become a little infamous over the years for its costs and delays, but, according the USAF's video, people who know a lot about the aircraft say there are good reasons for why it's an investment and has taken time to reach perfection.
They say that because the F-35 is such a versatile fighter, capable of adopting multiple combat roles, it has been incredibly difficult to get it right, but that once the F-35A is rolled out, it should outclass all other fighters.
"The F-35 is a totally new platform built from the ground up, and it has the stealth capability as well as the avionics capability to see the enemy and kill the enemy well before they even see us or know that we're there".
Once they've got through the IOC assessment, the pilots will have the chance to take the aircraft to a Red Flag advanced aerial combat training exercise.