MOD Faces 'Hidden Costs' For F-35B Fighter Jets

It's claimed the MoD could be facing a huge, unexpected bill for its new fighter jets.

An investigation by The Times claims 'hundreds of millions in hidden costs' will hugely push up the price of the F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.

The American firm Lockheed Martin has had a series of problems with the F-35s, including, faults in the cooling system and ejector seats, and even criticism from Donald Trump after he became US president.

But the UK Government remains committed to the jets, set to cost up to £100m each.

Today's Times claims that price doesn't include vital extras like software upgrades and spare parts, which it says are detailed within contracts and could add another £50m to the cost.

Australia's Military To Take Lead On Terror Attacks

Australia's military is to be given new powers to respond to terrorist attacks at home.

New national security laws follow a review of the way police handled a deadly siege in Sydney three years ago.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he wants to make it easier for Australia’s military to help police deal with terrorist attacks. 

South Korea Offers Talks With The North  

The South Korean government has proposed its first military talks with North Korea since 2015, after the recent spate of missile tests by the North.

The Vice Defence Minister said Seoul was requesting the meeting to reduce hostile activities on the border that raise military tensions.

It is unclear if North Korea would agree to the proposed talks as it remains suspicious of the South Korean president's overtures, seeing the new leader's more liberal policy as still resorting to the United States to force North Korea to disarm.