This week marks the 25th Anniversary of the start of the first Gulf War.
Operation Desert Storm began on 17 January 1991 following a UN mandate.
It allowed 750,000 international troops to launch a war against Saddam Hussein who had invaded Kuwait.
A quarter of a century on from Desert Storm, calls are being made for more research into Gulf War Syndrome.
Gulf War Illnesses is an umbrella term for several undiagnosed conditions.
Symptoms include headaches, joint pain, memory difficulties, skin conditions and PTSD.
Suggested causes include infectious diseases, vaccines, chemicals and depleted uranium used in weapons.
There is still no scientific consensus on what is causing their ill health but many veterans feel let down and forgotten.
The Royal British Legion estimates that sufferers could total around 33,000.
We spoke to the charity's policy adviser, Marie-Louise Sharp, about their campaign for more research.