Build Your Own Jet Fighter

Have you ever dreamed of having the chance to control your very own F-22 Raptor without having to go through the years of rigorous education...

Have you ever dreamed of having the chance to control your very own F-22 Raptor without having to go through the years of rigorous education and training?

Well now you can! (Kind of).

The Ultra Light (UL) F-22 is built to look and feel like a real jet fighter, with the style and design echoing that of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. The parallels end visually though, with the real McCoy out-doing the SF-1 Archon on every single other metric.


Spot the difference?
George Iliopoulos, the Greek designer of the aircraft and a self-confessed aviation enthusiast, had "dreamed about designing the SF-1 Archon for more than 15 years". 
He described the plane as "an aircraft with a very attractive design with a personal, modern “fighter jet-look"", adding that it "can have such power as to make dreams come true, throughout the world of flying"
Having just successfully completed their CA Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), George and his team are primed to make their first sale. For only €14,650, the SF-1 could be yours.
George was never interested in joining the Hellenic Air Force, but maintained his passion for aviation from an early age.
"I obviously do have a thing for the contemporary fighter jets of the Air Force, and I am intrigued by the way they look"
Unlike the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, The SF-1 Archon is easily transportable by car. 
When asked why he started making planes, Mr. Iliopoulos answered with a word: "Passion".
"Airplanes have been my dream, since I was a child. Every time  
I come to think of why have I even started to observe, draw, study,  
design airplanes, I think the word "passion" is the one that describes  
/encompasses this path up till today and to be honest... being  
passionate about it, makes me enjoy every step of the way... even more."
The SF-1 Archon has amazed crowds across the Greek town of Florina.
The Ultra Light F-22 is built to look like a real jet fighter, the cockpit and canopy are seen in the video below via a GoPro camera:


George described in detail his emotions during the maiden flight:


"When I climbed the ladder and sat in the cockpit, I felt the difference. I felt as if our hobby had just moved forward; escaped from the ordinary. I put my hands on the controls and pushed the throttle forward. Leaving the ground, I absolutely knew that until then only a few people could have that feeling. Now, everybody has the chance to feel this. The slogan used to say "Only the best become a fighter pilot"; now it is "Everyone can become a fighter pilot... and the best can become an ace"!
It's not fast (no afterburner) and it won't carry much ordnance, but based on the video, it looks as though it flies fairly well. 

Some of the specifications: 
Empty weight: 452 lbs
MTOW: 661 lbs
Stall speed: 35 kts
Cruise speed: 81 kts
Never exceed speed VNE: 113 kts
Climb: 800 ft/min
Glide ratio: 7:1
Takeoff distance (50ft obstacle): 492 ft
Landing distance (50´ft obstacle): 492 ft
Engine: 50 HP
Fuel consumption: 3 gph

For more information on the plane and where you can get your hands on one, follow the link: