Tony Blair & Gordon Brown

A former Royal Navy head says Tony Blair was "very pleased" to see a nuclear weapon hit Chancellor Gordon Brown's home at 11 Downing Street - in a simulation.

The then-Prime Minister famously didn't always see eye-to-eye with his Labour Party rival during their time in government.

Lord West was giving evidence to the Commons Defence Committee about the test of the Trident nuclear deterrent in which a missile is reported to have malfunctioned.

As a man who had been responsible for reporting on Trident tests during Blair's time in office - he was a security minister for three years under Labour - he said:

"I thought it quite amusing to show the accuracy of the system by overlaying where each warhead would have gone on Downing Street. I think Tony Blair was very pleased that a couple of them hit the Chancellor's house."

He also revealed that the Royal Navy once fired a surface-to-air missile into Wales by accident when testing went wrong, but the Prime Minister wasn't told.

Lord West also said he was sure Russia was "aware" of the Trident 'misfire' when it happened, and that there is little point in attempting to conceal the details. He said:

"I think one should be as transparent as one is able to. When you know it is being monitored by people like the Russians, when you know all that is done, it is a silly thing to do to try and hide it."

He added that the country has used a ship to monitor Trident in the past, and that "of course they monitor it from space as well". He continued:

"I'm sure they are very well aware that it didn't go all the way down ... or wherever it is supposed to go. If anyone thought this wasn't going to come out, they are living in cloud cuckoo land."

"This is a big bonanza occasion, we do this once every four years, it was inevitably going to come out."

If you'd like to watch his evidence to the committee, just click here...

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