For the soldiers of 5 RIFLES, the frozen Estonian forest is unfamiliar terrain.

But from next spring, this will be the training area for around a thousand British Troops, bringing with them Warrior armoured vehicles and Challenger 2 tanks.

5 RIFLES is the first UK battalion to deploy to Estonia, part of an enhanced forward presence of four thousand NATO troops on Europe's eastern flank.

Its role is to defend the Baltic states from any sign of Russian aggression.

In Estonia, the UK is taking the lead. Equipped with Warrior armoured vehicles and Challenger 2 tanks, and with French and Danish units attached, the total force will be about 1000 strong.

At the first joint news conference ahead of the deployment, the British and Estonian commanding officers sat side by side, explaining more about what this deployment means for Estonia.

This is a mission that will reassure a population that is deeply worried about Russia's aggressive actions in Ukraine, and fears it will be next.

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