Treats For Troops: The Volunteers Spreading Christmas Cheer Overseas

They've been working hard to ensure troops deployed overseas have something to open on December 25th...

Treats For Troops have been hard at work ensuring that soldiers deployed overseas receive a little slice of home over Christmas.

Helping to spread the festive spirit, Treats For Troops will send hundreds of parcels to units abroad, making sure that come Christmas morning they have something to open.

For the organisation, a treat isn’t just for Christmas as they actually work all year round so that units away from home receive the welcomed welfare packages.

However, Christmas is of course their busiest time of year.

Personnel can expect to receive parcels filled with things like sweets, shower gel and Christmas socks.

treats for troops
Networks work year round sending packages of items unique to home

Brogan Douglas from Treats For Troops On Tour explained her reasons for getting involved:

“Just to open stuff from home just means the world to them.

“It makes me feel amazing that I’m helping people out there so they feel the same on Christmas even though they are hundreds of miles away.”

Some of this year’s parcels have already made it to Afghanistan, where their arrival will surely boost the morale of the troops.

treats of troops
Some of the packages have made it to Afghanistan already

Treats For Troops relies solely on donations to stock up the hundreds of boxes sent to the soldiers.

A network of volunteers and organisations also help gather the gifts before they’re packaged up and sent overseas.

Charlotte Park started sending boxes to her husband whilst he was serving and the idea grew from her experience, she said:

“The Christmas time is a really hard time for them to be away so to get a box from total strangers is something really good for them.

"The fact that they know we’re thinking of them, it’s a very important job they are doing.”

The packages are just a small token of appreciation and to remind soldiers that people back home are thinking about them.