Travelling With Churchill Through His 'Darkest Hour'

A new film due out this month follows Winston Churchill through one of his most turbulent times in World War II...

A new film due out in the UK this month follows Sir Winston Churchill through one of his most turbulent times in World War II.

'Darkest Hour' portrays the Prime Minister when he had to decide whether to sign a negotiated peace treaty with Nazi Germany or stand firm and fight for freedom.

The film has already been released in America, where it received favourable reviews.

Critics have also singled out lead actor Gary Oldman out for his "subtle" yet "flamboyant" performance.

Former Royal Marine and presenter of our review show 'Rated' Cassidy Little spoke to the stars and the director about what inspired them to make it:

Oldman's casting initially surprised critics due to the actor's lack of resemblance to the historical figure.

However, using extensive special effects makeup from the legendary prosthetics artist Kazuhiro Tsuji, filmmakers were able to transform the actor.

Director Joe Wright told Forces Network that he wanted to portray all sides of Churchill.

"He was a difficult human being. I think generally leaders are quite difficult people. You've got to have a bit of an ego to become Prime Minister in the first place."

The filmmakers were also keen to emphasize the role Churchill's wife, Clementine had in supporting the Prime Minister throughout the difficult time. 

Kristin Scott Thomas who plays Clementine told Forces Network:

"They share that journey together and without her, I think he'd have struggled in a whole different way".

Director Joe Wright added:

"It was only telling half the story by just focusing on the men in power. Clementine wasn't standing behind him, she was standing next to him." 

The cast includes Ronald Alfred Pickup as Neville Chamberlain, Lily James as Churchill’s personal secretary, Ben Mendelsohn as King George VI and Kristin Scott Thomas as Churchill's wife Clementine.

The late John Hurt was initially cast as Chamberlain but sadly had to pull out while seeking treatment for pancreatic cancer.

The 'Darkest Hour' is released in cinemas on 12 January.