'Trailblazer' Army Officer Becomes First Female To Pass Para Course

Captain Rosie Wild will serve in 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery.

A 28-year-old British Army officer has become the first woman to pass the Parachute Regiment's gruelling course.

Captain Rosie Wild has been awarded the coveted maroon beret and will serve in 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, which provides offensive fire support to 16 Air Assault Brigade.

She will work alongside the Parachute Regiment in a parachute role, but will not be a Parachute Regiment soldier.

The competitive triathlete is the first female to conquer the five-day P Company course, the All Arms Pre Parachute Selection (AAPPS), since it opened its doors to women in the 1990s.

The AAPPS course for non-Parachute Regiment recruits includes the same eight challenges and is run by the same staff as the course for soldiers joining the regiment.

After proving she has what it take to be a Para, Captain Rosie Wild will continue to serve with the

Capt Wild has represented the Army at the Inter-Services Triathlon, displaying some of the physical and mental durability required to pass through Para selection.

Brigadier John Clark, Commander of 16 Air Assault Brigade, said: "Congratulations to Captain Rosie Wild, who has just become the first woman to pass the All Arms Pre Parachute Selection (AAPPS).

"She is a trailblazer and we hope that her achievement will encourage other women to have a go.

"A more representative force will only make us stronger."

The eight elements in the five-day test at Catterick Garrison, Yorkshire, include a 20-mile march carrying a 35lb backpack and a rifle, which must be completed in under four hours and 10 minutes.

Those up for selection must also overcome the Trainasium, a 55ft high assault course and "milling" - a 60-second boxing match which allows only attack and no defensive moves.

A 79kg stretcher must also be carried for more than four miles by a team of 16 soldiers.

Capt Wild received the Sword of Honour when she graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in December 2016, receiving the accolade from the Duchess of Cornwall.

Cover image: MOD.