Ryan Scott

Top Royal Navy Reservists Named In Inaugural Awards

Ryan Scott

The winners of awards recognising Royal Navy reservists have been named.

Leading Seaman Ryan Scott was awarded the Navy’s ‘reservist of the year’ for his dedication in Gibraltar and UK waters, while Ed Norman was recognised as the top Royal Marines Reservist.

LS Scott was mobilised twice in 2020, firstly to the Gibraltar Squadron and more recently to HMS Tyne.

He created a training package for reservists, helping new joiners settle into life at sea and familiarise themselves with their role on board.

A former full-time member of the Royal Navy, LS Scott said he was "delighted to be recognised" and could not have done it without the "Commanding Officer and the whole ship’s company" – both on HMS Wildfire and HMS Tyne.

"I accept my trophy on behalf of all those who have mobilised into the squadron to do what we joined the Royal Naval Reserve for – supporting the Royal Navy at sea."

Meanwhile, Mr Norman, from Royal Marine Reserves London, was awarded the Commando Dagger Award.

The award is given to the reservist who "epitomises the Corps’ ethos, values, and spirit" and contributes most to operational output, the Royal Navy said.

Mr Norman, a former regular Royal Marine, now works in the fitness industry and was commended for helping comrades maintain fitness during lockdown.

LS Scott was commended for his work, including his dedication in Gibraltar.

The Royal Navy said he "quickly realised the impact lockdown would have on his fellow green berets" and created a virtual training programme which was adopted across the Royal Marines Reserves.

The programme also provided advice on dealing with mental health issues, avoiding injuries and maintaining a positive outlook while unable to attend a gym.

"I was really surprised to receive the Commando Dagger Award," Mr Norman said. 

"All I did was make sure that we could get as many new recruits through the challenging recruitment process as possible so we could continue to generate reservists to support commando units around the world."

Also recognised were HMS Hibernia, in Lisburn, for achieving the highest recruiting numbers, and the Maritime Reserves media communications and engagement team, for its contribution to the frontline.

Commodore Mel Robinson said: "I promised when I assumed command of the Maritime Reserves that I would instil a culture which recognises exceptional performance and publicly thanks those who go above and beyond their duties. 

"I am so proud of this first batch of winners and I offer them my wholehearted congratulations."

Cover image: LS Scott, mobilised to Gibraltar Squadron and HMS Tyne, was named the Royal Navy's Best Reservist (Picture: Royal Navy).

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